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HP Inc is a technology company which specializes in personal computers and printers; for our readers, HP Inc stands for Hewlett-Packard Incorporation. As it is worldwide known company, and its products are used all over the world, the HP Support Assistant is also offered worldwide by the company.

In order to, build your name in the world, you have to provide the best products which are better than your competitors, plus after sale services. This is well known by the HP Inc, so, that’s why they have made their support coverage in the world under HP Support Assistant.

Let us discuss about the Hewlett-Packard Support Assistant.

Define HP Support Assistant.

HP Support Assistant is a no-cost service offered by HP Inc, for their computers and printers. If you are an HP user, then you can download hp support assistant from the HP’s official website. It is used to solve the errors or problems incurred to you.

HP Inc has made the HP Support Assistant-built in devices which are running Windows 10 on them.

Do I really need HP Support Assistant?

Let us answer this for you. If you want your computer to be remain updated with the new features and there should not come any issues, then, download hp support assistant. For example, if you have any issues with the HP Printer Assistant, then, you can start the HP Support Assistant application on your computer system.

After initialization, the application will start looking for the loopholes of the error and will assist you in solving them. The perfect example of this is when your printer run out of the ink. It will give you a message that refills the cartridge. So, like this HP Support Assistant comes in handy.

It guides you to troubleshoot any of the issue occurring in your PC. The HP program gives you authority to keep up PC execution and resolve problems. Hewlett-Packard Support Assistant is able to perform all this, through programmed updates and tune-ups, worked in diagnostics, and a variety of helpful choices.

How to locate HP Support Assistant on your computer system?

In order to locate, your HP Support assistant, you should look for a blue question mark on the taskbar in the Windows. The other way around is to go through the HP AssistantAppreflecting on the Start Screen. The third step from where you can start the HP Support Assistant in the find option, start typing HP Support assistant.

If all of the above steps become irrelevant to you, then, in the last step, you can download HP Support assistant, from their official website.

Describe ways to download HP Support Assistant.

Go to the official HP Inc website to download the HP Support assistant you don’t have it in your computer. The steps to follow by you to download HP Support assistant:

  1. Visit the official website https://www8.hp.com
  2. Click on the “Download HP Support Assistant “option.

By these steps, you can easily download the software application and run it on your computer.

What if HP Support assistant is not operating on my computer? What should I do?

It would be quite a wonder if Hewlett-Packard Support assistants not working on your computer system, but in the end, it is a software. And the software can easily become faulty or malfunctioned, so, in this case, you have to fully uninstall the software application and install the updated version.

Define ways to delete HP Support assistant.

There are simple ways to uninstall the HP Support assistant application from your computer. You have to just go through:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Locate “Uninstall A Program” option in Control Panel
  3. Now, from the list of installed programs, choose Hewlett-Packard Support Assistant.
  4. Go for uninstall program.
  5. Press Yes and make confirm that you really want to delete HP Support assistant application from your computer.
  6. After that, restart the computer.

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